About Birgitta, skipper

“My name is Birgitta Silfverhielm. I am the owner of Vind och Vatten and the skipper of the boat you will sail with, and this is my history in brief: I grew up with sailing. Since the early 60’s, I have had the east coast archipelago as my playground during the summer. When I left home at 18, I immediately bought myself a boat, and began to dream about sailing beyond the horizon. At 25, I sailed from Stockholm as crew on a sailboat bound for the Caribbean. After eight months, I was home again, and just wanted to continue sailing…I got a job as a sailing instructor, and for many years I taught adults to sail. After 18 seasons and four boats, it was time for me to start up something new. Thoughts of developing sailing activities based on my own experience took shape, and I started to run private sailing courses, skippered charter, single and multi- day tours, and holiday adventures for families and groups. I developed a personal approach, with respect to the customer’s individual needs.
In 2008, Birgitta bought the Linjett 35. This is a real quality boat that meets the highest standards of comforts and sailing performance.”

The skipper´s education and experience in brief:

  • Navigation certificate and Ship class VIII
  • STCW 95 Basic Safety
  • Long distance skipper´s degree
  • Ocean Skipper´s degree
  • Machine Officer klassVIII.

Birgitta brings solid experience cruising in the Swedish Archipelago, as well as racing and ocean sailing. Her motivation to keep on with sailing is life-long. She has already sailed in most kind of waters and circumstances, from dinghies to big ships and from competing on racecourses to crossing oceans. She has been a part of the Search and Rescue crew on Dalarö, where she acted as a navigator and deck crew.