About Dalarö



Here I will add some interesting information about the history of Dalarö. Coming soon!


Here I will write about what Dalarö is today, and about the interesting surroundings in the archipelago. Texts will be translated soon.

Staying at Dalarö:

  • Smådalarö gård – a beautiful archipelago hotel – about 5 km from Dalarö village and the harbour. A good kitchen, bar, golf and conference center. Bus to Dalarö.
  • Dalarö hotel Bellevue – in Dalarö village, about 10 min walk from the harbour.
  • Gålö Havsbad – Gålö is situated about 10 km from Dalarö. You can rent a cottage, stay in the hostel or camp at the camping site. You need a car to get to Dalarö, it being a 15 minutes drive.
  • Dalarö hostel Lotsen – This is the smallest hostel in the country, situated in the fishing harbour in Dalarö. Booking can be made here. Be sure to book well in advance!! It is walking distance to Askfatshamnen.
  • Cottages in Dalarö can be rented from the Tourist office.

Activities at Dalarö:

Restaurants at Dalarö:

  • The Sailor´s Inn, Odinsvägen 10. Pub and restaurant
  • Bistro Solsidan “Sunny side” at Askfatshamnen, in the harbour, veranda and seaview
  • Dalarö Lanthandel a wonderful deli shop with lunch and coffee served in the rose garden
  • Saltskutans shop och café tel 08 – 501 517 70 lunch and coffee out- and indoors, in the cellar of the old Customs 18th century building
  • Dalarö Harbour Cafe, 08-50150920, located at the end of Odinsvägen, is where the ferries dock. It has a terrace facing the Dalarö channel, usually busy with lots of boats .